Company Project
Camp Hotel Tent Series

   Camp Hotel Tent series: About European spire style. It is a series of tents that our company introduces German advanced technology and independently develops and designs. The size is customized according to the size of the venue.

   Wind resistance design: Calculated by design wind load wind pressure 0.56kN/m2, wind speed 30m/s, reaching 80-100km/h, reaching 8-10 level.

Material Composition Description

The Removable Assembly Tent is made up of three materials:

        1, frame structure: all aluminum alloy structure (using industrial special high-strength hollow aluminum alloy)

        2, structural connection: steel parts (using international welding technology, hot-dip galvanizing treatment)

        3, tarpaulin: PVC knife scraping coated cloth, Weight per square of top cloth 850-750g/m2, Weight per square of cloth around tent  650g/m2. This cloth has B1 fireproof, flame retardant, rainproof, anti-ultraviolet, surface self-cleaning function, temperature resistance: -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C, the performance fully meets European and American standards.(Company Introduced the German KKA advanced coating production line, using high-strength polyester fiber and high-quality PVC raw materials, using German industrial technology formula)

The PVC knife scraping coated cloth is made up  of:

        High strength polyester yarn, double layer PVC, fornt double-layer ink absorption and reverse double-layer protection.

Application Range

     Camp Hotel Tent series of removable assembly tent buildings are mainly used for outdoor large-scale activities, sports events, exhibitions, fairs, industrial warehousing, wedding activities, commercial exhibitions, festivals, catering and entertainment, outdoor recreation, convenient municipal administration and various Kinds of outdoor activities.

     It is an effective extension of the exhibition hall, various exhibitions (food festival, beer festival, drink festival, outdoor restaurant, temporary warehouse), product promotion, real estate sales promotion (parking tent, guest sign-in area, conference negotiation signing), business celebration Activities, opening celebrations, groundbreaking ceremony, wedding celebrations, party gatherings, shade passages, grandstands, catering breaks, and government economic and cultural exchange activities (signing cocktail receptions, press releases, government publicity and consultation, etc.).

     In addition, it can also meet the special requirements of your outdoor.

Supporting Facilities
External Supporting Facilities (around the tent)
PVC Lighting Transparent Window
Aluminum Alloy Tempered Glass Curtain Wall
Aluminum Alloy Tempered Glass Door
Hard Wall with Sandwich Color Steel Plate
Internal Supporting Facilities
Steel Structure Floor
Cloth for Tent
Light for Tent
Air Conditioning for Tent